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June 13, 2013.

A long time without write anything in this site, I've been busy, university, job, basketball, girlfriend, etc, but now I have wrote a basic SQL Server 2012 Profiler Free, I've tested on 2012 Enterprise Edition engine and 2005 Developer Edition engine and it works fine. It has Find pop-up by hit CTRL+F, this works only for column "TextData". Before to start using, you have to modify the app.config file in the way like <value>yourdata</value>. All the rest is very predictable. Download.

March 29, 2011

Hello everyone.

This is my personal web site, I have'nt had time to update it properly , but I just want to show you a few scripts I have done along my experience as a programmer. I love the ECMA languages as C# and Javascript, but what I love too it's the experience to use a website without the blinking or the entire update of the web site each time you are redirected to another page, that's what lead me to study in deep the XmlHttpRequest object which is best known as AJAX.

I have (for now) 3 examples about scripts I have done before:

Puzzle: This is an example of how user can drag an drop objects in the browser. I was going to build a javascript puzzle, but I had to work in several company projects. Unfortunely, it works only in Microsoft Internet Explorer

AJAX Form: I was forced to write code in PHP-MySQL, I hate those languages, but I had not choice because my teacher was a rude boy, then I show him that I'm good doing it. This works in whatever browser.

Survey: Cause the Teacher was not satisficed with the AJAX Form, I have written a survey, rating my teacher hehehe. This works in whatever browser too.

That's all for now, if I get time to update this site, I'll do it. Please, if you are interested to keep in touch, write me to

Thank you.